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Active speaker system 1200AS2+200AS2

Active speaker weekend project. End-to-end tutorial on how to build an active speaker system using ICEpower1200AS2 and ICEpower200AS2.

The tutorial covers key design aspects to meet the right price point. It contains enclosure design, assembling, different board options, system testing simple methodology, and some analysis.

The system exceeded expectations and part of the content is dedicated to analysis because sound quality exceeded theoretical expectations.

00:00:22 Setting requirements

00:01:30 Choosing and building amplifier enclosure

00:09:27 Choosing the right class d amplifier board

00:12:18 Amplifier damping factor

00:13:32 Costs and variations of the solution

00:20:05 Building and assembling 6-way amplifier

00:25:51 Assembling in a flight case

00:26:55 First tests

00:29:43 Passive crossover versus active crossover solution tests

00:31:53 Understanding reasons why the result is so good

00:38:38 What I have learned

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