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Ice power 1200AS2 Board DIY TCR1200 Kit assembling instructions

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

TCR1200 Ice power 1200AS2 Board DIY Kit assembling instructions for those who want to build a once and forever audio amplifier.

ICE power engineers invested 7 years to build a perfect amplifier class d audio amplifier. Unbeatable sound quality combined with professional-grade features.

With the TCR1200 DIY kit, you can complete your projects in 20 minutes. Ice power 1200AS2 boards are available in retail. One of the trusted board's distributors is Sound Import

Where to purchase TCR1200 Kit. Visit web and write an email. We are working on our webshop but it is not ready at the moment of publishing this video. Some items are available on eBay.

00:00:00 ICE power 1200AS2 DIY TCR200 kit overview

00:02:42 Where to learn more

00:03:27 TCR1200 assembling visual guide

00:06:05 TCR1200 Wake up from signal test procedure

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