VH500 Power Amplifier DIY Kit


If you want to build a perfect amplifier by yourself

The VH500 DIY Kit is designed for people who want to build perfect Class D 500W RMS power capable amplifier by themselves.

The VH500 DIY Kit includes a chassis, all connectors, preamplifier and wiring. 

The VH500 DIY Kit assembling instructions are provided in YouTube video.

Skills required: Beginner level.

The time required: 10 min.

The VH500 DIY Kit does not include a power cord and there are no warranties available.

The VH500 DIY Kit does not include the ICEpower 125ASX2 amplifier board and power cord.

ICE125ASX2 amplifier is available at eBay for ca 130 USD.

VH500- 500W monoblock amplifier5.jpg

The VH500 enclosure is available for sale separately.

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