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Audiophile FAQ - Best amplifier, speaker cable, best preamplifier

In this video I am answering the customer's frequently asked questions about audio amplifier sound reproduction quality: how to choose speaker cables, and how to choose a modern preamplifier or DAC.

You will find a reason why THD is not an amplifier quality ultimate evidence and why the same THD amplifiers sound so different in real usage scenarios.

00:00:00 Which is the best amplifier Hypex, Purifi, or ICEpower

00:00:25 Typical customer question example

00:06:36 Why THD is not amplifier quality reflecting characteristic

00:09:07 Purifi Eigentakt

00:11:07 Speaker acceleration

00:14:59 ICEpower1200AS2 architecture specifics

00:17:35 TCR1200 kit

00:19:19 Audiophile mains filters, do you really need them?

00:21:12 Could you recommend the best speaker cable for the TCR1200 amplifier kit

00:21:41 Speaker cable basic recommendations

00:23:22 Audiophile speaker cables

00:24:35 Professional speaker cables

00:28:13 How to choose a preamplifier

00:31:00 Audio interfaces

00:32:11 Network streamers

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