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TCR1200 Power Amplifier DIY Kit

If you want to build a perfect amplifier by yourself 

TCR1200 DIY Kit assembly instructions video

TCR1200 kit has been specially designed to meet home user and professional usage requirements.


TCR1200 is ICEpower 1200AS2 board-based DIY audio amplifier kit. ICEpower1200AS2 board is a result of 7 years of company investments and the first line up implementing new generation class de gate driver and MOSFET driver chipsets. We made more than an hour-long educational type video about ICEpower1200 AS2 and its core functionality.


The kit has active cooling and wake-up from signal functions implemented by default. Wake up from the signal allow you to locate the amplifier in a remote location. When there is no signal at amplifier input for more than 13min it is automatically going into sleep mode consuming just about 250mW.  


TCR1200 DIY kit has a lightweight powder-coated enclosure with preinstalled connectors and internal harnessing. You just need to connect connectors and the system is ready to go.

You do not need excessive knowledge of electronics to complete the project. It is recommended to watch educational and assembly instructions videos before purchasing a DIY kit. those videos contain the majority of answers that you may have. 

Skills required: Beginner level.

The time required: 10 min.

The TCR1200 DIY Kit has 2 years of warranties and support available.

The TCR1200 DIY Kit does not include the ICEpower 1200AS2 amplifier board and a power cord.

ICEpower 1200AS2 amplifier board is available at EU retaileSound Import.

1200AS2 V1.2.jpg

Key Specifications

  • 1200 W / 4 Ohm per channel ≤ 1 % THD+N, 1 kHz

  • 0.003 % THD+N @ 1 kHz, 10 W / 4 Ohm

  • 50 kHz audio bandwidth

  • 30 uV A-weighted output noise

  • Minimum load impedance at 2.7 Ohm

  • Maximum output voltage / current 100 Vp / 38 Ap

  • +5 VDC and +/-15 VDC auxiliary supply outputs

  • Universal mains including Power Factor Correction (100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz)

  • Kit size (L x W x H): 320 mm x 200 mm x 90 mm,

  • Safety conforms to: 60065 & 62368


  • Fully integrated one or two-channel amplifier  

  • Short circuit and over-current protection  

  • Real-time voltage and current monitor outputs  

  • Comprehensive monitoring and protection  

  • Clip monitor per channel and thermal warning outputs  

  • Protect status output  

  • Audio signal trigger and logic triggers  

  • Auxiliary power supply output  

  • Standby-mode  

  • Universal mains with active Power Factor Correction  

  • EMC and safety pre-approved  

  • Simple yet flexible mechanical mounting  

  • ICEpower standard connector and pin definition  

  • Prepared for hanger amplifier modules  


  • No need for additional circuits for simple applications  

  • Ensures reliable and robust end-products  

  • Enables real-time monitoring of speaker drivers  

  • Keep track of module operating conditions and protects the module from overload  

  • Allows the end-product system to react proactively, preventing system shutdown and enabling Music at All Times  

  • Indicator for module protection shutdown  

  • Automatic turn on and off in remotely located amplifiers  

  • Supply for analog and control circuits e.g. a signal front-end and standby supply  

  • ErP (1275/2008/EC) compliant  

  • Energy Star® v3.0 compliant  

  • No need for region specific variants  

  • Suitable for CE and FCC approved designs  

  • Easy mechanical integration and thermal management  

  • Allows reuse of front-end hardware  

  • Extra audio channel for e.g. 3 way active speakers  

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