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TCR1000S Subwoofer Amplifier

TCR1000S is a 2x500W RMS class d audio amplifier for Subwoofer and 3-way active speaker systems.


The amplifier is based on a professional grade power board using proven manufacturer “International rectifier” (Infenion) latest generations MOSFETs.


The key feature of this amplifier is power, quality, and reliability. A comprehensive temperature-regulated silent fan cooling system provides extra reliability working for a long time at the clipping level. Input soft-clipping circuits protect amplifiers and speakers from overload and distortions.


Small and lightweight (1.8 kg) design suits for WW sales without excessive shipping costs.

Important note:

To reduce shipping costs power cord is not included. Any standard desktop PC power cord can be used

ICEpower 200AS2 board



  • Power 2x500W RMS

  • Class d technology

  • Silent active temperature regulated 80mm Fan cooling

  • THD 0.005%

  • Reliable 4kW capable power supply with thermal and overcurrent protection

  • Thermal, overcurrent, overvoltage, and input overload protection

  • Input soft clipping for reliable operation at maximum power


Key Specifications

  • Brand Name                                        TCR

  • Model Number                                   TCR1000S

  • Type                                                      Professional Amplifier

  • Channels                                              2

  • Product Name                                     2 channel Class D Digital Amplifiers

  • Channel                                                2 channel

  • Power                                                   450W*2 8Ω 550W*2 4Ω

  • Distortion                                            <0.005%

  • Signal-to-noise ratio                         112dB

  • Damping coefficient                         > 1000

  • Conversion rate                                 50V / us  

  • Input impedance                               30kΩ

  • Input sensitivity                                 0.775V

  • Working voltage                                AC110 or AC220V (please specify)

  • Dimensions DxWxH                         200x300x88 mm

  • Weight                                                 1.8kg

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