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ICEpower125ASX2 DIY stereo amplifier kit

Assembling instructions for high-quality audio amplifier kit based on ICE125ASX2 board in a stereo setup.

The kit comprises lightweight aluminium enclosure with connectors, 6 mm aluminium front panel and volume regulator. It is an ideal setup to work together with a broad range of external sound cards.

ICE125ASX2 board (not included in the kit) specifications are available on the internet. It is an exceptionally good amplifier board from the proven manufacturer with an integrated power supply capable to work from 110V or 220V (by setting board mains jumper accordingly).

Board can deliver 2x120W power to 4Ω speakers, can drive 3Ω load, THD 0.003% at 1W with flat frequency response. For assembling, you just need a screwdriver and 10 minutes focused time.

ICE125ASX2 boards are available in eBay for an average price of 130 USD.

More about boards in video - Are ICE power ASX125 eBay boards originals?

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