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Self Clinch Fasteners with Arbor Press PEMSERTER

End to end tooling process how to convert Arbor press into the fastener insertion tool using basic garage workshop tools and Home Depot components.

Self-clinking fasteners are a great invention. They enabled and simplified a lot of processes in enclosure design. Especially using lightweight materials like aluminium and plastic.

This technology is especially important when making prototypes and enclosures from aluminium sheet metal because threads are not strong enough for a long time reliable usage.

00:00 Benefits of Self-clinking fasteners

02:16 Industrial equipment

03:29 Choosing an Arbor press

03:52 Anchor Stood

07:17 List of tools

08:51 Making a Punch

10:47 Making an Anvil holder

12:49 Making an Anvil

16:25 Assembling Arbor press

17:16 Inserting self clinking fasteners demo

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