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The Story of the Perfect Amplifier

In 12 short videos, “The Story of the Perfect Amplifier” covers the most critical aspects of amplifier design on how to create a high-quality amplifier.

The key focus is on Class D design, balanced inputs, ICEpower and Hypex designs, Texas instruments chips for the best preamplifier and much more for DIY amplifier builders.

As well as the learning from top engineers in the industry.

00:00 Part 1 Story of the perfect amplifier

06:23 Part 2 Critical features of the good amplifier

08:30 Part 3 Learning from Mackintosh and Bryston

16:30 Part 4 Price for a good amplifier

18:42 Part 5 ICEpower versus Hypex

22:04 Part 6 Deep Dive in ICEpower 125ASX2 module

28:43 Part 7 Balanced input versus unbalanced in details

38:05 Part 8 Building extreme quality balanced preamplifier

42:22 Part 9 Competitors analyses

44:04 Part 10 Sales and marketing strategy

49:28 Part 11 Creating product

53:10 Part 12 Setting customer expectations

59:09 Things to remember

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