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Why some amplifiers sound better than others?

Why does one amplifier sound better than the other?

Why are there so dramatic price differences between models of similar specifications?

Which amplifier should I buy to make the current system sound better?

In this video, we will look at and analyze the leading manufacturers' signature models. The models which are winning magazine awards and have no compromises in designs.

00:00 High-performance amplifier design

01:07 Rotel

03:02 Bryston

06:15 McIntosh

06:57 Denon

07:39 Cambridge audio

08:07 Tube amplifiers versus Solid-state

09:37 Evolution of audio amplifiers

09:49 Marantz

12:59 NAD

14:16 Moving away from a steam engine

14:47 Class d amplifier performance

15:06 Total Harmonics Distortion and marketing

16:16 Audio amplifier and Speaker interaction physics

20:17 DIY kit to meet the performance of the best of the best

23:30 Customer story

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