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Class D audio amplifiers for 
DIY community 

 Ultimate audio quality in a compact design

TC Rastrs was founded in 2010 when a group of engineers developed amplifiers and audio devices for the DYI market. Currently, we have expanded our product range to the professional market where the latest generation class D amplifiers are taking a leading role due to high efficiency, small dimensions, and quality outperforming the majority of class AB designs. 


Our company developed designs using professional-grade components and assembling materials enabling the DIY audience quickly build audio amplifiers meeting audiophile sound reproduction quality and professional-grade build quality.


Enclosures are in-house developed and adapted for each particular board making amplifiers light weights and compact.



TCR1200 DIY kit has been specially designed to meet home user and professional usage requirements.


The TCR1200 DIY kit is ICEpower 1200AS2 board-based DIY audio amplifier kit. ICEpower1200AS2 board is a result of 7 years of company investments and the first line up implementing new generation Class d gate driver and MOSFET driver chipsets.


We made more than an hour-long educational type video about ICEpower1200 AS2 and its core functionality.


TCR200 amplifier is an ICEpower 200AS2 board-based small footprint lightweight 2x150W amplifier with balanced XLR inputs for professional and consumer applications. For consumer applications, you need an RCA-XLR adapter. Typical application architecture PC- streaming services- external audio interface/DAC with volume regulator- amplifier-passive speaker. The amplifier has universal mains and can work from 110V- 220V mains. Comprehensive protection circuits ensure reliable speaker safety. 

Important note: To reduce shipping costs amplifier package does not include a power cord due to large variations in international power plugs standards. To connect the amplifier you need a standard desktop PC power cord available in any electronic shop.




TCR200 DIY kit is ICEpower200AS2 board-based amplifier kit for high-quality music lovers.  In a small footprint, you can build a 150W stereo amplifier without excessive electronic knowledge.


It has a lightweight aluminium powder-coated enclosure with screen prints, assembled harnessing, and high-quality professional-grade connectors.


TCR1000E DIY kit is a universal amplifier enclosure for Hypex and ICEpower boards.


It is easy to assemble it and you may build several HI-END designs with simple tools within a short time period.

Chassis consists of 6 flat components made from 1mm aluminum alloy material. Aluminum is easy-to-process material and perfect for DIY-type projects.



ICEpower boards technical information









Sales Terms

How to Buy

If you are interested in some of my products please write an email or purchase directly through our Webshop.

For shipping our primary partner is FedEx. All packages are traceable Typical shipment time is 1-2 weeks. For a single unit, we are offering a flat rate price of 25 EUR. For more details, please watch the
pricing terms and shipping video.

The product is warranted to be free of defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. During this time we will repair or replace a product with a defect. Warranty is not in force for products that have been misused, neglected or operated inappropriately.

Warranty is provided to the original purchaser only.

Don't like the product you purchased? No worries, we provide 30 days money return.

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