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Small subwoofer theory

Can you build a small subwoofer with a physical presence Sound Pressure Level (SPL)?

I have received several questions from my channel subscribers and listeners.

The core question was can I get 20Hz at -3db from a small size subwoofer and how much power do I need?

In this video, I covered subwoofer and SPL basics and included basic theory to answer this question.

00:00:00 Small footprint subwoofer

00:00:15 Customer questions

00:02:38 Small subwoofer challenges

00:04:26 Best subwoofers 2023

00:07:51 Equal loudness charts

00:12:06 Small subwoofer manufacturer specifications

00:14:10 RMS, Peak Power, and Crest factor

00:19:23 Huge power loudspeaker problems

00:23:16 Amplifier power and speaker efficiency

00:32:47 Loudspeaker charts and DSP

00:35:10 Summary

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