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TCR1000S Woofer amplifier for active speaker systems

2x500W RMS powerful subwoofer and active speaker amplifier.

Active speaker systems and modern home cinemas need a good reliable amplifier to drive a woofer.

In this video, we made a detailed review of a great professional amplifier board solution for home usage.

00:00:00 Defining needs for home cinema and active speaker woofer amplifier

00:00:26 Why you need a power

00:01:12 Doubling loudness needs a 10dB SPL increase

00:01:28 Room size matters

00:01:38 Doubling amplifier power gives 3dB SPL increase

00:01:46 Sound pressure and amplifier power relationship

00:02:52 Equal loudness charts

00:04:09 Passive cooling versus active cooling

00:04:26 Brands versus no names

00:05:08 Audio crest factor

00:06:32 Audio amplifier power supply

00:09:08 Chosen board review

00:29:15 Finale design

00:32:51 3-way active speaker complete set

00:36:58 Amplifier + active crossover

00:38:08 234XL active crossover

00:40:54 TCR1000S specifications

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