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Class d amplfier boards overview, Part-3 ICEpower AI VO

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Part three. ICE power class boards lineup overview. In this video, we will look at the almost complete integrated class d boards lineup, make product positioning. Take a closer look at selected boards specifications, usage scenarios, and functionality. As well as take an in-depth look at ICEpower Flagship class D board 1200ASX1/2 and implementation scenarios.

Dear channel listeners. I made two versions of the stories. One with my voice-over and the second with Artificial Intelligence synthesized voice. AI evolution is unbelievable and his English is perfect. probably too perfect, but anyway. It is the moment when I am learning from him.

For example, I found that I am pronouncing the word “Chassis’ in a completely wrong way. AI is evolving and will be part of our life in nearest future. I need your assistance to get statistics and evaluate the quality of AI. English is not my native language, following I do have a hard accent and bad spelling.

Could you please listen to both versions and give your judgment in the comments. I would appreciate it if you add some explanations as well. It is your choice in which version to write the comment.

Instructions on how to evaluate: Switch off subtitles. Listen to a video till the moment when you do not hear the speaker's accent and the story is taking over.

Give the following information

• English native, not native,

• Which version Do you prefer: humans with imperfections or Perfect AI.

• How easy is to flow the story: AI 10 from 10, Human non-native English 7 from 10

• A short explanation or comment. Example

• English – not native, Poland.

• Preferences Human

• Points- Human 9 p, AI 7 p

• Human emotions, even with an accent, creating extra trust.

It is equally easy to follow the story in both versions. But I am impressed with AI voice-over quality.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:08 ICEpower history

00:03:01 ICEpower ASX2 series

00:05:03 ICEpower AS series

00:06:35 Aplication secenarios

00:07:53 ICEpower ASP series

00:09:52 Best for DIY projects

00:11:51 ICEpower 1200AS2 detailed overview

00:14:57 Application examples

00:15:17 Application examples DIY

00:16:05 Summary.

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