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Class d amplifier boards overview, Part-2 Hypex

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Part two. Hypex professional boards lineup. In this video, we will look at selected Hypex class d boards popular among the DIY community. The story contains a short Hypex boards architecture overview and spotlights of designer documentation graphs.

00:00:02 Hypex company introduction

00:00:09 Why we are not providing our own measurements data to the public?

00:02:15 Hypex philosophy

00:03:06 What Hypex do

00:04:32 NC122MP

00:07:26 NC502MP

00:08:39 NC502MP design components

00:10:26 NC502MP specifications spotlights

00:14:02 NC500 OEM

00:16:41 implementation and design examples

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