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ICE power 1200AS2. Build your best audio amplifier in the world. Parts 1-3

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Complete guide on how to build your best amplifier in the world. ICE power latest generation Class d amplifier board 1200AS2 has incredible sonic performance. In some way, it is an end-game amplifier built without compromises meeting most demanding listener requirements.

An integrated single-board solution simplifies the design to the point where you can build it without excessive electronic knowledge.

This guide consists of 3 parts:

Part1 Amplifier architecture, components, and necessary power.

Part2 Designer guide critical elements

Part3 Assembling video guide for beginners

00:00:00 Leading Class d amplifier OEM board manufacturers

00:01:26 Amplifier evaluation criteria

00:07:05 Ho much power do you need for your amplifier?

00:12:50 Why ICE power 1200AS2 is so good?

00:13:24 ICE power edge chipsets, the latest generation Class d gate driver

00:14:49 Bridgelels PFC circuits benefits

00:20:47 Quadro Balanced Design benefits

00:25:10 designer manual notes

00:27:20 ICE power 1200AS2 features

00:29:08 ICE power 1200AS2 specifications

00:31:13 Basic control connector

00:32:24 Wake up from signal, 12V trigger

00:33:12 Input-output connectors

00:34:28 Peak power

00:35:10 Mechanical Specifications

00:35:41 Mounting holes

00:36:54 Frequency response

00:38:55 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

00:41:47 Damping factor

00:46:21 Input circuits

00:46:21 Control input

00:49:30 Status output

00:50:38 Grounding schema and potential mistakes

00:52:18 Input sensitivity

00:53:56 EMC management

00:56:43 Assembling instructions

00:56:51 Enclosure design

00:59:40 Amplifier board inspection

01:03:08 Harnessing and components

01:06:31 Mechanical assembling

01:11:50 Assembling fan and PWM controller

01:15:11 Connecting parts

01:21:17 Assembling 1200AS2 board

01:25:58 Switching on, stand by operation

01:28:32 Finishing project and enjoying music

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