Prototype enclosure for modern amplifier

In this video we will analyze DIY enclosure challenges and possible solutions. It may sound strange, but the biggest challenge for DIY projects is enclosure.

For a home project, it is almost impossible to process even mild steel. It is too hard to process with simple hand tools and you need a workshop.

A significant challenge is your final design weight as well. For practical applications aluminum, Plexiglas and plastic are materials that we can process at home or in a small workshop. For small electronic boards, you can get extruded aluminum enclosures for a price below 50 USD including shipment. Typically, somewhere around 30USD including shipment.

A completely different picture is with sizes of 20x30 cm. Prices are rocketing and shipment is about 60-100USD.

We need a different concept.

00:00:02 Problem statement

00:00:31 Aluminium extrusion

00:02:05 Requirements for prototyping enclosure

00:04:19 Competitive overview

00:06:03 Business considerations

00:08:00 Shipment package

00:10:22 Assembling

00:10:57 Sample design

00:13:38 Modern amplifier design

00:16:47 Cutouts with Front panel designer

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