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Prototype enclosure for modern amplifier

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

In this video we will analyze DIY enclosure challenges and possible solutions. It may sound strange, but the biggest challenge for DIY projects is enclosure.

For a home project, it is almost impossible to process even mild steel. It is too hard to process with simple hand tools and you need a workshop.

A significant challenge is your final design weight as well. For practical applications aluminum, Plexiglas and plastic are materials that we can process at home or in a small workshop. For small electronic boards, you can get extruded aluminum enclosures for a price below 50 USD including shipment. Typically, somewhere around 30USD including shipment.

A completely different picture is with sizes of 20x30 cm. Prices are rocketing and shipment is about 60-100USD.

We need a different concept.

00:00:02 Problem statement

00:00:31 Aluminium extrusion

00:02:05 Requirements for prototyping enclosure

00:04:19 Competitive overview

00:06:03 Business considerations

00:08:00 Shipment package

00:10:22 Assembling

00:10:57 Sample design

00:13:38 Modern amplifier design

00:16:47 Cutouts with Front panel designer

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