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TCR1000E Audio amplifier enclosure for Hypex and ICEpower class d boards

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Amplifier enclosure for DIY project TCR1000E consists of 6 flat 1mm aluminum parts. It is easy to assemble and you may build several HI-END designs with simple tools and a short time to market.

In this video, I included one assembling example. For your reference, I made ICEpower and Hypex boards overview. Boards are available in speaker builder shops like Parts express ( and Soundimport (

The estimated TCR1000E price is 109 EUR.

Shipping with FedEx WW 25 EUR.

Optional Fan, Grill, and PWM driver 25 EUR.

It is designed for people who can assemble amplifiers by themselves. That includes some skills like soldering and working with a simple Tester.

To purchase visit web and write me an email.

List of boards suitable for this enclosure Hypex ,NC500,SMPS1200A100, SMPS1200A180, SMPS1200A400, SMPS1200A700, NC122MP OEM, NC250MP OEM, NC252MP OEM, NC502MP OEM, ICEPOWER 50ASX2SE, ICEPOWER 50ASX2BTL, ICEPOWER 125ASX2, ICEPOWER 250ASX2, ICEPOWER 100AS1, ICEPOWER 100AS2, ICEPOWER 200AS1, ICEPOWER 200AS2, ICEPOWER 300AS1, ICEPOWER 300A1, ICEPOWER 300A2, ICEPOWER 400A2, ICEPOWER 700AS1, ICEPOWER 700AS2

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